DMS is an open-source technology, anyone can participate, no one owns or controls it. DMS operate without a central authority or banks; the network as a whole is responsible for handling transactions and issuing DMS coins. A thriving digital economy, innovative new ways for creators to make money online, and much more have all been established by the community. Anyone can access it from anywhere in the world; all they need is an internet connection.

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Decentralized Network

Decentralized network

No-Centralized Authority

An open-source project that is completely decentralized and uses the blockchain for all transactions.

The most widely used cryptocurrency worldwide.

Security, Privately Owned and operates on the Blockchain.

For use in financial transactions.


Hide your messages in plain sight

Cryptography is a method of building procedures and protocols, in order to prevent a third party from accessing and learning the information from the private messages sent during a communication process.

Stops the theft of communication data.

Your privacy is just a click away.

Be discreet with your messaging.



DMS is one of the most reliable and decentralized platforms. To ensure that DMS remains resistant to all types of attacks, there are still upgrades that can be implemented.

Easy transactions

On centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, DMS tokens can be traded. Dragon Mainland Shards may be purchased and traded on Gate.io, which is the most well-liked exchange.

Wallet system

DMS Wallet, offer you control over your account. It has everything you need to handle your assets and establish your identity, just like your actual wallet does. You can view your balance, send transactions, and confirm your identity by using your wallet.

24/7 Support

In comparison to competing services or self-hosted solutions, we offer faster request response and 24/7 access to knowledgeable support staff.

How it works

Easy to get started

You can start as a new user without having any prior technical knowledge. Just follow these 3-simple steps.


First you have to register your account in official site and create your own DMS wallet for further transactions.

Fund wallet

Once your wallet has been installed on your computer or mobile device, then you can establish additional details as needed as well as fund your wallet according to your choice.

Start trading

Now start trading your money by using your DMS wallet and also your pals can send money to you by using your addresses, or you can do the same for them. But with the exception that addresses should only be used once.

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Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS), a cryptocurrency or a platform developed by the community of other decentralized applications.


The software of DMS has a very high accuracy rate. While trading on this platform, an user has no risk of falling victim to a cryptocurrency investment fraud.


DMS is often held up standard for digital assets that are not considered under any threats.

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Dragon Mainland aims to bring an interesting, truly decentralized, and non-fungible token game platform. The platform’s purpose is to eliminate the scarcity of potential energy in the non-fungible digital economy.


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